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In the heart of the capital city, surrounded by stars!

AB Hostel is the newest pearl among lodging offers in Warsaw.
Perfect location in the city centre is a very good communication point to each place in the capital city.
The most important attractions, monuments and restaurants and clubs, which will while away your stay within easy reach. This exceptional place is inspired by twenties or thirties of the twentieth century. The main characteristic feature that favours  AB Hostel are tastefully prepared rooms. Each one is dedicated to the icons of the twentieth century, such as: Audrey Hepburn, Walt Disney, Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Louis Armstrong, Al Capone, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein,Flip i Flap, Pola Negri, Pablo Picasso, Fred Astaire, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Ernest Hemingway, Agatha Christie.

We aim to provide our guests with:

  • cosy single and double rooms,
  • the shared rooms or rooms for 4-5 people furnished in original way,
  • new plumbing system located in the corridor,
  • free towels,
  • the ironing desk,
  • the iron and the hairdryers,
  • the travel cot for child,
  • breakfast - 15 PLN additionally paid,
  • the open, self-service and small kitchen with free coffee, tea, cornflakes and milk,
  • the television-lounge area,
  • the free wireless access to the Internet (Wi-Fi),
  • the possibility to protect the valuable objects in a safe,
  • the room service during longer stay,
  • extra room Chill or Eat ... What you need ... rest and relaxation with the possibility of eating a meal prepared by themselves,
  • the friendly and willing to help service, which will take care to make you feel comfortable here.

* The price might change on selected dates.

AB Hostel – it is a place for you!

Rooms and prices

WALT 1-person

130 PLN/room*
145 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Walt Disney
The American director, film producer, scriptwriter, dubbing actor, animator, businessman. One of the greatest creators of the show business in the history, the legend of animation and film. He won not only the record number of 59 Oscar nominations but also the record number of 22 Oscars, and he was the seven times winner of Emmy Awards. Together with his brother, Roy Oliver, they established the company Walt Disney Productions, that is presently known as The Walt Disney Company, the biggest media corporation in the world. In 1928, the character of Mickey Mouse appeared for the first time in movie ‘Plane Crazy’. Mickey was created by Walt after revoking the film studio’s right to Oswald Rabbit. In the same year, there was a premiere of the first animated talking movie ‘The Steamboat Willie’. Walt Disney dubbed the character of Mickey Mouse. With the time, the new characters were created: Pluto the Pup, who always accompanied Mickey Mouse and the Donald Duck. 

FRED 1-person

130 PLN/room*
145 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Fred Astaire
The American dancer, actor and singer. The first performances at the age of seven-eight years along with his sister Adele. They created together a great duo to 1931. His girlfriends were, inter alia, Ginger Rogers and Rita Hayworth.Fred largely contributed to the change in the formula of film musicals. His narrative was conducted musical means, and the characters speak in a romantic dance sequences. His style is a combination of tap dancing, ballroom dancing and ballet. He was the inspiration Michael Jackson.

FLIP 1-person

130 PLN/room*
145 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Flip & Flap
A pair of American heroes from the years 1919-1951. Actually, Laurel and Hardy (Stan and Ollie). Movies in which they played became very popular all over the world. There are many versions of their names in different languages. In Poland they coincided with the names of Laurel and Hardy. Together they played in more than 100 films and short length. Initially, they were silent films, and in 1929 also dźwiękowe.FLIP- played by Stan Laurel was not tall and thin, while FLAP, played by Oliver Hardy, was tall and thick. Comedy storyline involving them were based on gagach. Clumsy and distracted Flip came down on themselves and their vigorous friend Hardy various problems.

FLAP 1-person

130 PLN/room*
145PLN/room with breakfast* 

Flip & Flap
A pair of American heroes from the years 1919-1951. Actually, Laurel and Hardy (Stan and Ollie). Movies in which they played became very popular all over the world. There are many versions of their names in different languages. In Poland they coincided with the names of Laurel and Hardy. Together they played in more than 100 films and short length. Initially, they were silent films, and in 1929 also dźwiękowe.FLIP- played by Stan Laurel was not tall and thin, while FLAP, played by Oliver Hardy, was tall and thick. Comedy storyline involving them were based on gagach. Clumsy and distracted Flip came down on themselves and their vigorous friend Hardy various problems.

LOUIS 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Louis Armstrong
The American trumpeter and jazz singer. He stood out with the style of trumpet playing and jazz vocalism. He was born in New Orleans, in poor working family. Neglected by his own family, he landed in a juvenile detention centre, where he started to learn playing the cornet. He moved to Chicago in 1922. Joe ‘King’ Oliver was invited to play in Creole Jazz Band. In this band, he recorded his own first recording, playing the second cornet in this group. Later and after the II World Was, he led his own bands. He performed very often a duet with Ella Fitzgerald. 
MARLENE 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Marlene Dietrich
The German actress and singer having American citizenship. At the beginning, she played small roles. And thanks to the role in the movie ‘The Blue Angel’, she became the world-famous actress. After the outbreak of the II World War, she was against The Third German Reich and started acting at the front for American soldiers. It’s an interesting point that, in the ‘Morocco’ movie, in which she played the leading role, the scene of lesbian kiss was showed for the first time in the history of cinema. She had over 30 leading movie roles to her credit. She is the greatest icon of the twentieth century. In 1999, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science announced the list of the best actress of all time. She was ninth on the list. 

CHARLIE 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast*

Charlie Chaplin
The British actor and director not only of silent cinema but also sound movies, screenwriter, composer. His parents were also actors but without greater career successes. He stepped on stage at age of 5 for the first time, when he replaced his mother. At the age of 11, he was given a role of comic cat in the pantomime ‘Cinderella’. In 1903, he was given a permanent job playing a role of boy who was selling the newspapers in the movie about Sherlock Holmes. According to immigration documents, he came to America in 1912 and he was noticed right away by the movie producer, who engaged him in his own studio Keystone Film Company. Together with his partners, Charlie established studio United Artists in 1919. He started to record his first sound movies and it became the main current in cinematography. However, Charlie didn’t decided for this step till thirties. His silent movies were really successful. On account of his point of view, he found himself on so called the black list of Hollywood. 
COCO 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Coco Chanel
The french fashion designer. Since 1915 he has revolutionized women's fashion, promoting clothes with simple sports fashions and unadorned short dresses, becoming six decades hautecouture.W iconic Parisian fashion world is saying: "Coco Chanel liberated women, and Yves Saint Laurentnauczył them to believe in yourself." In 1922. the market began to be promoted her first perfume Chanel No. 5, which immediately conquered the French rynek.Przedsiębiorstwa Chanel hired in the late 20s and 30s, about 3,500 people (including the fashion house - occupying several buildings at Rue Cambon, laboratory perfumery, textile plant, studio art jewelery).

MARIA 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Maria Skłodowska-Curie
Physicist and chemist, twice winner of the Nobel Prize. In 1891, Maria Sklodowska went from Polish to Paris to continue his studies at the Sorbonne (in the nineteenth century, women could not study on Polish soil), then there developed his scientific career. It was the forerunner of a new branch of chemistry - radiochemistry. Its achievements include the development of the theory of radioactivity, radioactive isotopes separation techniques and the discovery of two new elements - radium and polonium. In the first initiative it was also carried out research on the treatment of cancer using radioactivity. Twice awarded the Nobel Prize for scientific achievements, for the first time in 1903 in Physics with her husband and Henri Becquerel for research discovered by Becquerel radioactivity phenomenon, for the second time in 1911 in chemistry for the separation of pure radium and the study of the chemical properties of radioactive elements. She is the only woman who has received this award twice, and the only scholar in the history of the Nobel Prize honored in two different fields of natural sciences. It is also the only woman who rested in the Paris Pantheon in recognition of achievements in the scientific field.

PABLO 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Pablo Picasso
A truly Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso - Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist and ceramist, considered one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. Along with Georges Braquwe are the creators of mainstream painting called kubizmem.Talent Picasso was discovered by his father, an excellent draftsman. From an early age Pablo, he revealed his talent paint and plastic. Then studied in Spain, and later in Paris, where a significant influence on his work had contact with, among others, postimpresjonistami Henri de Toulouse-Lautrekiem, who had a big influence on his work .Stepping Picasso from the years 1901-1904 is defined as the blue period. These were the works kept in the color of melancholy, depicting themes and characters of the poor (Life, The Old Guitarist, two sisters, Prasowaczka) .In 1948 Picasso arrived in Polish, took part in the World Congress of Intellectuals for Peace in Wroclaw, and also visited Warsaw, where he donated his collection to the National Museum of ceramics, drawings and color prints. In 1950. He received the Lenin Peace Prize Award called Stalinowską.W 2010 found 271 unknown works by Picasso (collages, watercolor, gouaches, lithographs, notebooks and drawings) dating from 1900 to 1932.

AL 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast*

Al Capone
The American gangster of Italian descent. As a teenager, he acted in the criminal gangs. He gained remarkably fortune thanks to prohibition and illegal spirit smuggling. His fortune was so great and thanks to it he had the most important the municipal authorities of Chicago in his pocket. The group of Federal Agents, called ‘Inviolable’ on account of their incorruptibility, led to prove him illegal incomes and not paying the taxes on account of them. In 1932, Al Capone was sentenced and put in high-security federal prison. Then, he was transferred to Alcatraz. During that time, his business collapsed. The fortune started to fall. He was released in 1939.

AGATHA - only for women 3-persons

75 PLN/person*
90 PLN/person with breakfast*


Agatha Christie
Lady Mallowan - British author of crime novels and moral. The most famous crime writer in the world and best-selling author of all time. We spent over a billion copies of her books in English and another billion translated into 45 languages. In France alone it sold 40 million of her books. Under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott released several novels, which also were popular.

Christie has released more than 90 novels and plays. Their action was fought mainly indoors, and the murderer could be just one of the residents. She brought a lot of new solutions to the traditional art of writing detective stories. Some of her novels have surprising and previously unheard of in prisons solutions, for example. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and Murder on the Orient Express. Her play The Mousetrap, first performed in 1952 in London, it is still played after 60 years and after 20 thousand. performances.
ALBERT 4-persons

70 PLN/person*
85 PLN/person with breakfast* 

Albert Einstein
The German physicist of Jewish descent, one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century. He studied in Zurich, and he started his work in Bern as a bank worker. He is the author of general and special theory of relativity. One of the creator of the corpuscular theory of light. The Nobel prizewinner in physics in 1921. He made a considerable contribution in the philosophy of science. He published over 450 works and there were 300 the scientific works. The theory of relativity became the reason for the changes in thinking not only in science, but also the natural sciences, philosophy but also it had impact on the literary and artistic output of twentieth century. 
POLA 2-persons

160 PLN/room*
190 PLN/room with breakfast* 

Pola Negri
Polish theater and film actress, international silent movie star. Her mother quickly discovered her daughter's acting talents. The girl was sent to a lesson in acting and dancing. After graduating from the first two theater courses of the Application School in Warsaw, Pola, with the help of the vice-president Kazimierz Hulewicz, on 1 September 1912 made her debut in the role of Klara in "Maidens' Weddings" at the Little Theater in Warsaw. This debut later enabled her to perform in government theaters: Wielki (Sumurum, Niema z Portici), and Summer, where she quickly gained great popularity.In 1917 she went to Berlin, where she performed with Max Reinbardt. The contact with the director Ernst Lubitsch turned out to be a breakthrough for Pola Negri's career. The film "Ma mummy eyes" was the highlight of the actress's career. The next successes were also due to the films of Lubitsch, "Carmen", "Madame Du Barry" and "Sumurun".In 1923 she came to Hollywood and appeared in the films: Spanish dancer, Forbidden Paradise, Hotel Imperial, Love of the actress and many others. She was the rival of another dark-haired diva, Gloria Swanson.In the USA, she became a star of silent movies and a sex symbol, which was also helped by her famous romances with Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph.She did not succeed in sound movies because of the strong accent and low voice felt as too rough for a big star.

MARILYN 5-persons

65 PLN/person*
80 PLN/person with breakfast* 

Marilyn Monroe
The American model and movie actress. Admittedly, she was the most successful in the fifties and sixties of twentieth century, but she entered to the circle of our big names because of her date of birth. She played the roles in movies such as: ‘Gentlemen prefer Blondes’, ‘Some like it hot’ or ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. In 1949, she posed naked for her photographs, which in 1953 (bought by Hugh Hefner) were published in the first issue of Playboy. In 1962, in New York in the Madison Square Garden, Marilyn sang ‘Happy Birthday’ especially for the President Kennedy adding the lyrics ‘Mr. President’. There were 15 thousands of guests in the hall. 
ERNEST 4-persons

70 PLN/person*
85 PLN/person with breakfast* 

Ernest Miller Hemingway
American writer and journalist. He is the author of such novels as "The Old Man and the Sea"; "The Sun Also Rises"; "Farewell to Arms" and "The Snows of Kilimanjaro." Presented as a classic representative of American literature. Hemingway's writing style became known as IcebergTheory.
In 1952, while on safari twice survived accidents airline. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the short story The Old Man and the Sea in 1953 and the Nobel Prize for literature a year later.
Hemingway committed suicide at his home in Ketchum in 1961.



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